We provide key top notch solutions in IoT and E-commerce space. We will help in implementation of IoT and Home automation solutions.  Be it your home, office, factory, gated community or township, we help in developing custom IoT solutions ,implementation and monitoring.

Messenger Based Commerce Solution

Do you hate the fact that customers spend lot of time in queues to buy a product. Be it a movie hall or a exhibition counter, long queues to get snacks or tickets are common. Our solution based on Telegram Messenger will solve the problem. Watch the demo video to know more. Please drop an email to contact@onrue.com or give a call to +91-9445566390 to know more.


Smart Valet based on Telegram Messenger

If you have a hotel or a restaurant or a business establishment with a valet service, seeing your customers or guests waiting in gate for their car to arrive at gate is an usual sight. Decrease the time your guests will wait in the gate by using our solution based on Telegram Messenger. Checkout the demo video. Please drop an e-mail to contact@onrue.com or call us at +91-9445566390 if you would like to implement this solution.